Foxcroft Academy’s Jackie Tourtelotte wins Gatorade Secondary School Athletic Trainer Award

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Each year, Gatorade and the National Athletic Trainers’ Association honors one athletic trainer from each NATA district with athletic trainer of the year recognition. This year, the New England District selected Foxcroft Academy’s Jackie Tourtelotte for the 2015 Gatorade Secondary School Athletic Trainer Award.

The award, given to just ten athletic trainers nationally each year, recognizes Jackie Tourtelotte (Ms. T to most) for her “outstanding contributions in furthering her high school’s athletic care program” and “the overall profession of secondary school athletic training.”

Ms. T, who joined Foxcroft Academy in the fall of 2011, established the school’s first athletic training program and has since taken on the role of assistant athletic director. She is a graduate of the University of Maine with degrees in Kinesiology and Physical Education, and she previously taught Health and Physical Education and was an athletic trainer at Orono High School for six years.

Since her arrival, Ms. T has implemented concussion protocols, instructed coaches in injury prevention, and has coached teams in proper warmup and cool down routines–making an immediate and positive impact on Foxcroft Academy’s sports and athletes.

“In one word, she’s committed,” said Avery Carroll, a member of the field hockey, swimming, and softball teams at Foxcroft Academy. “She taped my ankle everyday during field hockey season. When she heard I twisted my ankle on the trails behind school, she immediately jumped on the golf cart and drove the trail looking for me.”

Almost every athlete at FA has a similar story.

“In one word, she’s intense,” said Hunter Smith, a football, basketball, and track athlete. “When I get calf cramps in a game and I’m yelling like I broke my leg, she just grabs my foot and starts twisting it around–loosening it up.”

“She’s honest–brutally honest,” added Jason Thompson, a member of the football, swimming, and baseball teams. “When she has bad news, she doesn’t beat around the bush, which is good. She’s also always there when the season starts to get rough. She’s there to help you recover.”

“She’s very helpful,” shared Brandon Brock, a football player, wrestler, and track athlete, who has received care from Ms. T for a broken leg and nagging injuries like shin splints. “She’s helped my brother with a broken hand. She’s helped lots of people.”

Before, during, and after every practice and game, Ms. T cares for FA’s athletes with, in their words–commitment, intensity, honesty, and helpfulness. “She is truly an outstanding professional,” added Head of School Arnold Shorey. “Foxcroft Academy is very fortunate to have a certified athletic trainer of the caliber of Ms. Tourtelotte.”

Whether it is the track, pitch, gridiron, diamond, hardwood, mat, pool deck, or court, one can count on Mrs. T to be there. Always dedicated, always professional, and always ready to help.

Toby Nelson

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